Rebeca is accepting new voice students

Rebeca has been asked so often if she teaches singing lessons in our southern California area that she has decided to develop several programs designed to assist singers of all levels achieve their desired goals. Whether you are a beginner looking to discover your own voice, a shower or car singing enthusiasts, a party animal who loves to rock Karaoke night, or a dedicated singer with a dream of writing music and performing at the highest level, Rebeca has a program to help you arrive at the place you want to be. Everything from technique aids for developing the best possible tone, to exercises to strengthen the voice, to systems for maximizing your breathing, to learning how to be emotionally connected to what you sing, and finally receiving the kind of performance coaching that will train you to take over the stage and give a powerful and masterful performance are all woven through the Singing Lesson Expert system. To find out more, please go to Rebeca welcomes the opportunity to help you become the best singer possible.   

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