The Story

Love. It’s probably the most powerful concept on the planet. Love has been the subject of countless works of poetry and music. It would be a bold statement to say that anyone’s life embodied the aspects of this magical word, but in the case of Rebeca and David Randle, the statement is true plus much more.

 However, in relationships, love is not always rose petals on satin sheets and candlelit baths. Love takes lots of hard work, both in communication and acquiescing to your partner’s needs while at the same time expressing your own. It’s a dance. Sometimes you trip on each other’s feet and other times you waltz on through with grace at your side. Rebeca and David have been through their ups and falling downs. On this release, R & D, they are choosing to focus on the ups rather than the downs. Through their vibrant union, they have many stories to tell.

This is more than a marriage of woman with man, but of masterful singer with extraordinary guitarist. Everything they do is filled with the electricity of their relationship, especially their music. The love that Rebeca and David have found in each other plays through every note and every phrase of their expressive music. This music creates a panorama of experience that we can walk through and share in, if we only take the first step.

The lyrics tell a breathtaking story of discovery and fulfillment. Rebeca delivers these words with a passion and style seldom heard in today’s music. And David’s sensitive guitar gives her voice the perfect stage to dance upon.

Starting with the sensuous pulsing of “You Mean Everything To Me,” where the sheer power of a new love disrupts even the simplest of life’s functions, like eating and sleeping, and delivers each of us to a place of longing and anticipation. To the rhythmic and driving “Sustenance,” where the realization that a love can be as sustaining as the very food we eat, not to mention a rich and profound source of happiness and completion.

And finally culminating with the soul-stirring “Now That I Have Found You,” which is an absolute celebration of the discovery of a love that makes the air around their mate, all they want to breathe. Rebeca and David have launched us all on a journey to a place and time, where, past, present or future, we look into the eyes of love.