The Bio

When you have enough prime wood, oxygen, and a big enough spark, you get fire. So it is with the joining together of Rebeca’s spellbinding voice and David’s deeply inspired guitar playing. Rebeca, through her many recordings and personal appearances, is known for her expressive and expansive vocal styles. She is a published songwriter, ASCAP member, with a list of credits for film & television, and has received International radio airplay as a featured artist on the syndicated show “Tuned In Radio.” Now her passion has been taken to the highest level in this latest project entitled “R & D.”

David spent his adolescent years in a band that performed with some of rock music’s cutting edge leaders such as Cream, The Who, Jefferson Airplane, Eric Burdon & The Animals, Buffalo Springfield, The Byrds and Steppenwolf, to name a few. In later years his diverse musical background was to include having owned one of San Diego’s largest music stores and developing and producing Southern California artists.

Both David and Rebeca got to stretch out and use all of their significant chops on this record, as they chose to perform all the various styles that they love and do so well. David got to play everything from a Hendrix inspired chordal solo, to Clapton esque blues/rock riffs; lyrical acoustic solos to slide guitar that would make Bonnie Raitt smile. All the while, laying down progressive acoustic guitar grooves for the bed of most tunes as well as some fine fingerstyle accompaniments on the ballads. Rebeca got to express her pop country side in “Now That I Have Found You,” steal your very soul in her irrepressible performance on “Wintermoon,” and generally demonstrate a range of performance unheard of in most singers today.

As talented as they both are individually, this is a situation where the whole really is greater than the sum of its parts. A circumstance where individual skill, combined with other world-class musicians and artists, elevates this project to a new level of clarity and pure musical expression, introducing the formation of Rebeca & David .