Rebeca's Bio

On a fall afternoon in Rochester, New York, Rebeca’s mother, Sarah, an accomplished singer trained at Eastman School of Music, was teaching her voice students as usual. Unknowingly, she had an unexpected observer in three-year-old Rebeca, who walked into the studio during a break and totally floored her mother with a perfect rendition of Edelweiss, the song Sarah had been teaching her students that afternoon. From the pure joy of that experience, Rebeca knew in that moment all she wanted to do was sing. However, she was too young to start formal training in voice, so she began by taking dance classes.

After a move to Hawaii, things really took off for Rebeca. At age eleven, her first singing performance was as a soloist with the Honolulu Children’s Opera Chorus, in front of 4,500 fans. She was such a charmer, that after taking some acting classes, young Rebeca was cast in several TV commercials. Relocating again to the Houston area, Rebeca was in a professional dance troupe, while earning her Screen Actor’s Guild card acting in area TV shows, a feature film and commercials.

When opportunity knocked, Rebeca moved to LA to seriously study acting with Eric Morris, the coach of Johnny Depp. At the same time, she performed evenings in LA nightclubs in various top forty and original bands. It was this training that greatly expanded her ability to sing in virtually any style. During this period, Rebeca was used often in the recording studio as a professional singer for publishing demos for A & M, Warner Bros. and many others.

It was then at the encouragement of many of her fans that Rebeca embarked on the path of being a singer-songwriter. She has released six CDs of her own compositions. A song from her Christmas album was one of the most requested songs on KJOY and KOST in LA for the season. Another of her songs from her last solo album received international syndicated radio airplay through Tuned In Radio and many other stations throughout the world.

After all of this hard work, Rebeca was hungering for a magical collaboration with a talented songwriter, musician, producer and arranger. That set the stage for “the call,” and on the other end of the line…future husband, David Randle.