R&D Announce Additional New Company

Rebeca & David are excited to announce the creation of an additional new music company
called Wedding Song 4 U.    R & D will use their immense songwriting skills to work closely
with family & friends to pull out their deepest thoughts and feelings for a loved one including
their thoughts, history, and storyline, and Rebeca & David will weave that into an original,
custom song for any milestone celebration, such as Birthdays, Anniversaries, Graduations,
Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Christenings, Birthing Ceremonies, and anything
you can think of that you want to celebrate. These songs will be created in the style of their
favorite artist and song. R & D have already done some of these and you can read about it
and hear samples at http://www.customsong4u.com/

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