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Rebeca & David: Calendar

Sunday, April 28th, 2019

Oceanside House Concert

Rebeca's Birthday Concert - 6:00 PM

1949 Valley Rd
Oceanside California 92056
Uni 7602318283
Price: $15/$20 door

It's Rebeca's Birthday on April 26th, and as we've done for so, so many years before, we celebrate our Birthdays by playing a concert for friends and fans. This year it will be on Sunday, April 28th. Rebeca and I have a bunch of new songs that no one has heard yet that we'll be debuting, plus some of everyone's favorites from past CDs. We are really looking forward to having you come out to the show.

As usual, an hour before the show, we have a wine social hour beginning at 5:00. Bring a small appetizer and a bottle of your favorite beverage to share. This is going to be a great show, can't wait to see you.

To get your ticket(s) please go to the following Paypal link:


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